Dawn-to-Dusk Floor Lamp
Dawn-to-Dusk Floor Lamp
Dawn-to-Dusk Floor Lamp

Dawn-to-Dusk Floor Lamp

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This “natural daylight” lamp outshines them all

Now you can “dial up” the sun from the comfort of your easy chair and bring the benefits of natural sunlight indoors. We all obviously see better in daylight, with greater clarity, color and definition, but sunshine and daylight can also improve our mood, increase energy levels, and provide needed eye stimulation, especially in aging eyes. This glare-free lamp brings you all those benefits.

It simulates the full visible spectrum of sunlight, providing the brighter “true” light that’s needed for close tasks, like reading, crosswords, needlepoint, etc., as well as making colors come alive. In fact, this lamp has the most accurate rendition of color we’ve seen. If, for instance, you viewed the colors of a new American flag beneath some other lamp light and then moved it over beneath this lamp, the sharpness and definition of the colors would be markedly different. Even black-and-white distinction, like print on a page, improves under this lamp.

As for the “dusk” aspect of the illumination, there’s no other lamp that allows you, when done with reading or hobbies, to easily change your lighting to a warmer, softer light—one that’s the ideal ambient lighting. The conveniently located switch allows you to easily move back and forth between natural daylight and the warmer “dusk” lighting, as well as control the intensity of both types of lighting. Color adjusts from a relaxing, soft and warm tone to an energetic brighter natural daylight. This lamp is the best of both worlds.

You’ll also benefit from a new, more efficient LED technology that uses less power than any other bulb—and one bulb is all you’ll ever need. You may never have to change the bulb again. This new exclusive lamp is truly amazing...and it’s brought to you by Journey Health & Lifestyle, formerly firstSTREET, the company that introduced Balanced Spectrum lighting!

Product Specs:

  • Natural daylight means more clarity, color & definition
  • Daylight can improve mood & increase energy level
  • Glare-free illumination
  • Simulates full visible spectrum of sunlight
  • Provides “true” light for close work, like reading & needlepoint
  • Colors come alive
  • Change to a softer, warmer “dusk ambiance” by simply pushing a switch
  • New, more efficient LED technology
  • Conveniently located 4-way touch switch
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20"L x 9"W x 50"H