The UPbed™ - a revolution in adjustable beds!

"The Perfect Sleep Chair® sounds wonderful...but can I get that in a bed?"

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Obviously not everyone is able to sleep best in a sleep chair - even a "perfect" sleep chair. We've all known since we read the childhood story of The Three Bears that there's no one chair OR bed that's right for everyone. Papa has his Mama has hers - and Goldilocks got to choose, and so do you: Allow us, please, to introduce you to another sleep option that, in its own way, is just as revolutionary as The Perfect Sleep Chair.

Sleepers everywhere, meet the UPbed!

The UPbed is basically four beds in one - you'd be hard pressed to find a more adjustable, versatile, accommodating (not to mention comfortable) bed option. Clearly marked push buttons allow you to stretch out for sleeping, sit up when waking, sit down for relaxing, stand up to meet your day, and more. And you can do it all by yourself because UPbed does the work for you - especially important to those (even without caregivers) who need to spend a fair amount of time in bed.

How does UPbed work? First, it lowers you gently and safelyinto bed for a night or a nap of sound sleep on a heavenly memory foam mattress. Then, for gradual awakening, just push the "Head Up" button and the head of the bed raises until you're sitting up in perfect position to bring your morning heartbeat to normal, watch TV or greet the day. Push another button and the bed adjusts itself into a comfortable "chair" for "sitting-up" activities. Have your morning coffee. Make a lap for the grandkids, or the cat.

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Now you're just one pushbutton away from standing upright. That's when the UPbed will slowly raise you, much like a lift chair, until both your feet are safely and firmly planted on the floor and you're ready to walk away. With so many positioning options at your fingertips, you'll find one that's perfect for eating a meal, reading the paper, crafting, visiting with family and friends, just resting comfortably or heading off to dreamland! This bed, like The Perfect Sleep Chair, serves so many purposes, day or night.

Also like The Perfect Sleep Chair, the UPbed comes with White Glove delivery and installation. For setup convenience and your safety, professionals handle and oversee everything for you, from the unpacking to assembling to testing - and removing the packing materials, too.

Again, like The Perfect Sleep Chair, the UPbed is designed to be safe, fully supportive and incredibly simple to use. Both Chair and UPbed shift easily from a flat to a stand-assist position (or vice versa), with various places to stop and visit along the way. Both are carefully researched, well-engineered and well-tested options to help ensure that you get that good night's sleep necessary for healthy living, functioning and aging - whether it be in the cradling comfort of The Perfect Sleep Chair or in the UPbed, the "traditional" bed that's marvelously non-traditional!

UPbed - The "Lift Bed" That Does It All!!

  • Relaxing comfort of an adjustable bed

  • Safety & peace of mind of a hospital bed

  • Gently stands you up & lays you down

  • White glove delivery to your home*

  • Backed by limited 10 year warranty

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