Perfect Sleep Chair Color Descriptions

Choose from numerous beautiful color options to fit any décor.

Your Perfect Sleep Chair is available in various color choices for each luxurious material. In most cases, we’ve tried to name the color options based on familiar objects that are similar in color. Below, you’ll find more information about each color to aid in making the best choice for your home.

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NEW MiraLux

Color Options

The MiraLux Chocolate Spectra color option is a soft darker brown with subtle hints of burgundy. As its name implies, it is similar to the color of a milky chocolate.

The MiraLux Light Gray Spectra color option is similar in color to a light fluffy cloud with a hint of light gray.

The MiraLux Saddle color option is similar in color to a distressed saddle, like a lightly tanned leather.

Genuine Leather Color Option

Chestnut is currently the only color option for our Genuine Leather material. Chestnut is a warm medium brown color with reddish undertones aptly named due to the color resemblance with the nut of a chestnut tree.


Color Options

The DuraLux Mahogany (Burgundy) color option is a darker burgundy with some undertones of brown color. As its name would imply, this color is also very similar to the color of mahogany wood

Also aptly named, the DuraLux Chocolate color option is a darker brown that closely resembles the color of a bar of milk chocolate.

The DuraLux Tan color option is a pale yellowish tone with very gentle hints of orange. Tan is similar in color to beach sand, albeit just a tad darker.

The DuraLux Blue color option is a darker blue that would be best classified as a Navy Blue.


Color Options

The MicroLux Burgundy color option is a deeper red color with hints of brown to richen the tone. This color is similar to that of Burgundy red wine, hence the name.

As with the DuraLux option previously mentioned, the MicroLux Chocolate color option is a darker, rich brown color option that bares a close resemblance to milk chocolate.

The MicroLux Tan color option is similar to tan with a slightly more yellow tone. As its name implies, this color is very similar in color to undyed tan wool.

The MicroLux Blue color option is a deep blue color that has slight undertones of violet. This color is similar to that of a darker blueberry or that of a blue pansy flower.

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It’s the best of both worlds…ultimate comfort as a sleep chair and complete peace of mind as a lift chair. With color and fabric choices to match any decor, you can design the Perfect Sleep Chair that’s just for you!

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“Now that I have had this chair for over a year, just want to say that I love it. the heat is wonderful, I got the “leather” one. It wears very well and still looks new even though I use it every day. The lift feature has been a God-send, and it is so comfortable to sleep in. I love how high I can put my feet if I wish. When this chair finally wears out, I’m buying another one!”

– Wanda, West Farmington