Perfect Sleep Chair Material and Color Options

A lift chair made with top quality materials and craftsmanship!

When searching for a lift recliner, it’s incredibly important to consider the materials that your chair will be made of. You want materials that are durable and will last for years to come while providing that luxurious comfort that you’re after. The Perfect Sleep Chair is available in several material and color options that are representative of this fine investment in your relaxation.

NEW MiraLux


When you must have the very best of both worlds, the distinct look of genuine leather combined with the incredibly soft, supple, and breathable feel of a manufactured fabric, you absolutely want our new MiraLux fabric. This unique faux leather fabric is the pinnacle of design innovation as the very first polyurethane fabric to offer a proprietary ventilation system which keeps it more comfortable in all climate conditions. In fact, it was engineered by Ultrafabrics specifically to be more resistant to temperature changes than genuine leather and vinyl faux leather.

In addition to being the ultimate balance between luxury and functionality, your MiraLux fabric will increase the longevity of your Perfect Sleep Chair investment. It is purposefully designed to resist scratches and blemishes as well as stains. Most stains will lift easily with alcohol-based household cleaners and general cleaning can be performed effortlessly with soap and water. Enjoy more time relaxing in your chair and less time maintaining it!

MiraLux is available in 2 popular colors.

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Genuine Leather

Enjoy the luxurious comfort of genuine leather. There’s just nothing like that distinctive look, feel, and smell. Your entire chair is covered in 100% real leather… not just contact areas like lesser quality chairs.

Our tannery in Italy uses full grain hides that are processed in a way that provides a soft, pliable yet long-lasting leather that will look fantastic for years to come. It easily withstands everyday wear & tear, and most nicks or scratches can be easily wiped away. Since genuine leather breathes, it dissipates heat and cold quickly. No matter the weather, it is always comfortable. Nothing compares with the ageless, classic beauty of genuine leather.

Comes in a deep, rich Chestnut color that compliments almost any décor.

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DuraLux™ is a top quality, custom-manufactured fabric with that classic leather look. Our unique formulation creates the ‘closest-to-leather’ fabric we’ve seen. It outperforms other leather knock-offs in appearance, durability, and convenience. DuraLux is a champion at repelling stains and liquids, making it easy to care for when accidents happen in your chair. It usually can be wiped clean with just a rag and warm water. And durability…it lasts so well that we made it the first part of the fabric’s name! DuraLux™–An easy to care for fabric with a classic leather look…for many years to come.

Comes in 4 popular colors.

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MicroLux™ is a plush, incredibly soft microfiber fabric that is created from 100% polyester filaments that are tightly woven together, cut and then brushed, giving the fabric a "suede-like" appearance and ultra-soft hand feel.

The tight weave makes MicroLux liquid and stain resistant — many spills (such as water, tea, coffee and juice) will tend to bead up on its surface, allowing time to remove the liquid before it soaks in. The tight weave even helps create a barrier for dust mites and pet dander. Best of all, MicroLux is durable yet soft and breathable, keeping you warm and cozy in the winter and dry and cool in the summer.

Comes in 4 popular colors.

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It’s the best of both worlds…ultimate comfort as a sleep chair and complete peace of mind as a lift chair. Infinite positions and therapeutic heat and massage help you tailor an experience that’s perfect for you.

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“This chair lives up to every single good thing the ads say about it. It is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in addition to being beautiful luxuriant leather. It was purchased for my husband who is ill and spends his entire waking hours in it. He is delighted with all of the features. Representatives in the order department and in customer service were most helpful and I received the chair ten days after ordering. My thanks for a great product!”

Margaret C., FL