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There`s a perfect lift chair position for everyone!

What is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a powered device designed to help you move comfortably from a seated to standing position with minimal help. They typically look like a conventional recliner, but the internal mechanisms and design turn them into an essential mobility aid.

For instance, do you ever wish that someone was always there to give you a hand when you need to get up out of a chair? That would be nice, but perhaps you live alone, or you don’t want to ask for help from the people you live with several times a day.

When you own a lift chair, you don’t have to. When you need to stand, the chair gives you the boost you need until you’re comfortably on your feet, and then helps lower you safely to a sitting position to sit, all at the touch of a button.

Different Types of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs can come in including a two-position lift chair, a three-position lift chair, or an infinite position lift chair. These descriptions refer to the various positions you can move your chair into rather than different types of chairs — and the distinction is important when you’re picking the perfect lift chair for your needs.

Two Position Lift

The two-position lift chair is named for the available sitting positions. You can either sit in a natural position or recline slightly, similar to a traditional recliner. Many consider this an ideal solution when you want to sit in something comfortable to watch television, read a book, or use a laptop computer, but don’t plan on sitting for long.

Three Position Lift Chair

Three position lift chairs offer a little more flexibility to your sitting routine. This type also can recline closer to flat than sitting, with the head and upper body still elevated over legs and feet. The chair back and leg portion typically cannot move independently of each other.

Infinite Position Lift Chair

An infinite position lift chair can be customized to any position you choose, including a fully reclined sleeping position. These chairs contain dual motors, with one in the leg portion and one in its back. It allows for the greatest flexibility in how you maneuver the chair since the two parts don’t need to be in the same position or move in tandem.

Who Can Benefit from a Lift Chair?

Anyone with balance or mobility issues can benefit from a lift chair, but it doesn’t stop there. The Perfect Sleep Chair comes standard with features such as heat and massage — and the quality build makes it extremely comfortable for sleeping. If you struggle with insomnia, restless leg syndrome, or other problems affecting sleep, a lift chair can alleviate the frustration for both of you.

Many people who use our lift chairs have no trouble standing up on their own, but simply appreciate the comfort it brings them. It’s ideal for those recovering from surgery too, as well as people with chronic back pain who can’t get comfortable in a typical chair.

And the Zero Gravity position is yet another bonus. This customizable position is especially useful for people with circulation problems, but not every lift chair will let you adjust to your unique body form.

So who can benefit from a lift chair? It’s simple: everyone!

What Types of Positions Can I Try With a Perfect Sleep Chair?

The Perfect Sleep Chair is an infinite position chair, giving you ultimate freedom to recline to any position.
Here are a few popular positions.

Lift Position

Go between sitting and standing effortlessly.

Sitting Position

Sit in complete comfort while you visit with loved ones.

TV Watching

Accommodates you for hours of relaxation.


Provides relief from aches and reduces pressure on your body.


Rejuvenate from a full night of amazing sleep.

How Do I Shop for the Best Lift Chair?

  • Consider any restrictions in your budget.

  • Consider the level of quality you’re looking for in your lift chair.

  • Consider the color you’d like your chair to be and how it coordinates with the rest of your home.

  • Consider what features you’d like or need, like heat, massage, and reclining options.

  • Consider the construction of the chair and its overall longevity.

  • Consider what type of fabric or material you prefer, whether it’s leather or cloth.

  • Consider the amount of space you have in your home for a lift chair.

  • Consider the size of chair you need, whether it’s a standard size or a more petite model.

What Other Features Does My Lift Chair Come With?

  • Heated backrest to soothe aching joints and improve circulation.

  • Massage therapy to help with muscle stiffness or pain.

  • The best sleep possible.

Every Perfect Sleep Chair is:

Handcrafted using high quality, durable hardwoods

Meticulously handmade by American craftsmen

Double doweled, glued and stapled for long-lasting values

Every lift chair frame guaranteed for life

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