The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Do you have an older person or couple in your life that’s hard to shop for?

While finding holiday gifts for seniors used to entail looking for the perfect present for a doddering old grandma or grandpa, times have changed.

Today’s seniors on the younger end of the spectrum came of age with The Beatles and used technology in the workplace.

Even older seniors in their 80s are like people in their 60s used to be a generation ago!

When purchasing a holiday gift for an older person, don’t lump everyone over the age of 60 into one category. Think about the recipient’s individual needs and biological age (how they actually live) versus their chronological age.

Here are some holiday gift suggestions for a range of ages and mobility, from the newly retired to the more elderly. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for the senior in your life with this list.

How to Approach Finding Gifts for the Elderly

When thinking about gifts for the elderly, there are a couple of approaches to take, considering the advice given above. Few seniors of any age want more junk they have to store or maintain.

Older seniors are often eager for things that make life easier for them, and now more than ever, they are grateful for gifts that let them retain their independence as long as possible.

Senior gift ideas for the younger demographic, however, should lean more towards experiences and events they can enjoy now, while they are still in the prime of life.

With that in mind, here are five creative gift ideas for the senior on your list:

Gift Idea #1: A Monthly Subscription Box

A monthly surprise that arrives in the mail is ideal for seniors who spend more time at home or who may welcome that little lift to look forward to as the year rolls on.

You can find subscription boxes for nearly everything these days. Searching for gifts for older men? How about a shave club or gentleman’s box that includes luxury shave items or style accessories they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves?

Other subscription boxes that you might not have thought of, in addition to the popular makeup and personal care boxes include:

  • Food boxes for special diets

  • Knitting boxes that include yarn, implements, and patterns

  • Wine or whiskey clubs

  • Clothing rental or purchase boxes

  • Yoga and fitness subscriptions

GrandBox will include photos you send them with their box of treats, soaps, and other items, so grandparents get a regular reminder of their loved ones.

Gift Idea # 2: Better Sleep

While it’s normal to need less sleep as one ages, some seniors find themselves getting consistently poor sleep, which affects their overall health and mood in multiple ways. If you have a troubled sleeper to buy for, you’ll love these suggestions.

Many seniors have hung onto old pillows and comforters long past their better days. Good pillows are a luxury item many people won’t buy for themselves but would happily get as a gift.
In addition to conventional pillows for various sleeping styles, there are body pillows that offer more support and memory foam pillows for precise neck positioning.

For seniors who have trouble falling asleep or who suffer from anxiety at nighttime, a weighted blanket may help lull them to sleep faster and to stay asleep longer.

Does your elderly gift recipient fall asleep in front of the TV or need to sleep partially reclined because of cardiac or respiratory problems? One of the best senior gift ideas on the market today is the Perfect Sleep Chair.

It lets the user experience a variety of positions, from sitting upright to leaning back with the legs elevated in the Zero Gravity position to fully supine. In short, it feels like flying first class, and it may be the perfect gift for the senior in your life.

Gift Idea #3: A Museum or Performance Series Membership

For a senior who is still active, a membership to a favorite museum or performance series can’t be beat.

You don’t have to live in a major metropolitan area to take advantage of this kind of gift. Many communities now have museums with rotating shows of both local and more well-known art, borrowed from larger collections.

Museum members also get perks that à la carte ticket buyers don’t, such as special lectures, luncheons, and invitations to view popular exhibitions early.

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Grandparents who watch little ones frequently may appreciate a membership to a children’s museum, zoo, or aquarium, which gives them options on a rainy day.

Belonging to a botanical garden allows for walking and learning for young and old alike.

Likewise, tickets to a performance series, such as a theater season or symphony concert program, give seniors activities for the calendar long after the holidays.

These are great senior gifts for couples or for someone who has recently lost a mate and could use a little socializing. Buy tickets in twos or fours, so the recipient can bring a friend or another couple.

Gift Idea #4: Home Entertainment

Some seniors prefer not to go out at night because of safety reasons or reluctance to drive after dark. The best gifts for elderly people who enjoy staying in at night could be home entertainment.

Gone are the days, though, when home entertainment gifts mean a boxed set of DVDs or an expanded cable package.

If the recipient is not tech-savvy, why not include set up and a how-to lesson as well? Or make sure the remote is easy to use, especially for anyone with visual difficulties.

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Or if that’s not an option, there are any number of streaming entertainment subscriptions available nowadays like BritBox, which gives you access to a bit of British telly. You can also add a soundbar, headphones, or audio system for music lovers or the hearing impaired.

Gift Idea #5: Home Safety Helpers

You’d be surprised at how many seniors’ top wish is simply to remain living in their own homes to age in place. Sometimes the best gifts are useful gifts, like items that help with home safety and mobility.

Take a walk around the home of the seniors you’re buying for. Any of the following might make independent life easier for them:

  • Motion sensor light switches and fixtures

  • Bathroom grab bars

  • Flameless candles

  • Lightweight pull shopping cart or walker bag

  • Captioned telephone

  • Foot pedal electrical cords

  • Robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Extra pairs of reading glasses for different rooms of the house

  • Security alarm necklace or keychain

  • Ramps or stair chairs

A senior home inspection is also a thoughtful gift, so any hazards can be caught in advance and replaced with safer alternatives, both inside and outdoors.


Hopefully, any doubts you had about finding senior gift ideas have been soothed by this list.

With so many options for different ages and various price points, you’re sure to find something that’s just right.

And keep one last thing in mind: when buying for seniors, be sure about return policies in case something doesn’t work. Take care to keep any instructions or manuals in a safe spot.

Think carefully about the unique needs and lifestyle of the recipient, and they’ll be all smiles when they unwrap your gift over the holidays.